A Little Bit of Everything

It's been awhile so I have a lot to catch up on. I put most of my pictures on Facebook just because it is easier but here are a few of mostly the same ones.

I made some very yummy new recipes. The chicken Florentine Pasta was really good and I got it here http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/04/chicken-florentine-pasta/
The other one is off of Pinterest. It's oatmeal that you bake in the oven. It was super easy and healthy. You can put whatever you want in it and put it in the fridge so you have breakfast for a few days. I put peaches and blueberries in mine.

The kids started school, all of them! Taylor is in 5th grade and loves his teachers. They get to switch classes. They also don't give very much homework so he is happy about that. Kinley is in 2nd grade. She says she likes her teacher but hasn't really talked much about school. She has some boys in there that she knows but I think she doesn't play with any girls in her class, which is how it kind of was last year. She just likes hanging out with the boys I guess. Syler started going to mother's day out 2 days a week. Tomorrow is only his 2nd day. He loved it the first day but I think the thought of going back has kind of made him nervous because he doesn't seem as excited about it. He has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of weeks though so I am sure he will eventually love it.

I have been trying to get the boys room put together. I still have a few things to do like tomorrow I will be building some barn ledges so Taylor has a place for all of his trophies. The walls are grey and everything else is either grey, white, or red. I made them a nightstand. I hated building that thing but it turned out ok. Doors are a pain in the butt to build! I built there beds over the summer. My friend helped me make the curtains, they are grey and have dots on them. She also made two pillows for their beds and a purse for me and Kinley which was not part of the room! :D My other friend switched the light to a fan because it gets hot in there. I'm glad I have handy friends!There room is hard to photograph but I'll post pics when it is all done, if it ever gets done.

Taylor is still playing soccer all the time. He got a goal last weekend. He has a tournament this weekend.

Kinley is still doing gymnastics and has learned all her routines for competition. We don't have a schedule yet but she starts competing next month.

Syler moved into his big boy bed in Taylor's room, is doing really well at potty training, and started school all within like two weeks. So he has been a bit whiny but it's just a lot of change and he will get used to it soon.

Den made Chief and has been super busy in Chicago.

I have been doing my usual, a little bit of everything. Taylor and I ran in a race a couple weeks ago, 5K. Taylor finished in 31 something I think. He wasn't feeling it that day and I also was not feeling it that day. Kind of disappointed but still came home with a trophy. My time was 21:15. I was the 6th girl and I got 1st in my age group. I have been doing too many long runs and not enough speed work so I knew it wouldn't be a great race. I love racing in the fall so I am sure I will do more soon. I am doing a 1/2 marathon in October. The last bit of news and the reason all the kids are in school now is so that I can go to school. Yikes! I start in a week. Hopefully in 7 years I will be a physical therapist! Until then I am a full time student and pretty much a single mom with very busy kids. I'm nervous and hope it all works out.