A Little Bit of Everything

It's been awhile so I have a lot to catch up on. I put most of my pictures on Facebook just because it is easier but here are a few of mostly the same ones.

I made some very yummy new recipes. The chicken Florentine Pasta was really good and I got it here http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/04/chicken-florentine-pasta/
The other one is off of Pinterest. It's oatmeal that you bake in the oven. It was super easy and healthy. You can put whatever you want in it and put it in the fridge so you have breakfast for a few days. I put peaches and blueberries in mine.

The kids started school, all of them! Taylor is in 5th grade and loves his teachers. They get to switch classes. They also don't give very much homework so he is happy about that. Kinley is in 2nd grade. She says she likes her teacher but hasn't really talked much about school. She has some boys in there that she knows but I think she doesn't play with any girls in her class, which is how it kind of was last year. She just likes hanging out with the boys I guess. Syler started going to mother's day out 2 days a week. Tomorrow is only his 2nd day. He loved it the first day but I think the thought of going back has kind of made him nervous because he doesn't seem as excited about it. He has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of weeks though so I am sure he will eventually love it.

I have been trying to get the boys room put together. I still have a few things to do like tomorrow I will be building some barn ledges so Taylor has a place for all of his trophies. The walls are grey and everything else is either grey, white, or red. I made them a nightstand. I hated building that thing but it turned out ok. Doors are a pain in the butt to build! I built there beds over the summer. My friend helped me make the curtains, they are grey and have dots on them. She also made two pillows for their beds and a purse for me and Kinley which was not part of the room! :D My other friend switched the light to a fan because it gets hot in there. I'm glad I have handy friends!There room is hard to photograph but I'll post pics when it is all done, if it ever gets done.

Taylor is still playing soccer all the time. He got a goal last weekend. He has a tournament this weekend.

Kinley is still doing gymnastics and has learned all her routines for competition. We don't have a schedule yet but she starts competing next month.

Syler moved into his big boy bed in Taylor's room, is doing really well at potty training, and started school all within like two weeks. So he has been a bit whiny but it's just a lot of change and he will get used to it soon.

Den made Chief and has been super busy in Chicago.

I have been doing my usual, a little bit of everything. Taylor and I ran in a race a couple weeks ago, 5K. Taylor finished in 31 something I think. He wasn't feeling it that day and I also was not feeling it that day. Kind of disappointed but still came home with a trophy. My time was 21:15. I was the 6th girl and I got 1st in my age group. I have been doing too many long runs and not enough speed work so I knew it wouldn't be a great race. I love racing in the fall so I am sure I will do more soon. I am doing a 1/2 marathon in October. The last bit of news and the reason all the kids are in school now is so that I can go to school. Yikes! I start in a week. Hopefully in 7 years I will be a physical therapist! Until then I am a full time student and pretty much a single mom with very busy kids. I'm nervous and hope it all works out.


Check Up and Catch Up

Wow two posts in one day. No pictures this time though. I have been posting them all on facebook, it's easier to send them from my phone.

Taylor and Syler just had check ups at the doctor. Syler is 2.5 years old already! He is hilarious and drives me crazy but can be so sweet when he wants to be (very rare). He weighs 30 pounds (50th%) and is 35 and 3/4 inches tall (25th%). He is definitely bigger then Taylor and Kinley were at that age. He loves playing at the YMCA with his "friends". He also likes to watch pretty much any show and especially likes Johnny Test right now. I really thinking about potty training him now. He has sat on it two days in a row, that's huge for him he normally won't even sit on it.

Taylor had a check up on his height and weight because he hasn't been growing enough. He didn't grow enough in the last 6 months so we went and had a bone scan done of his hand. They also took blood to test some of his levels. His bone scan and most of his blood work came back normal. His growth hormone level was really low. He is going to an endocrinologist next week so I guess we will see what happens after that. Taylor just finished spring soccer. I think his team won 2 of their tournaments. He has improved SOOO much and he loves it so much. He got really good grades this year and I can't believe I am going to have a 5th grader. He also ran his first 5K a few weeks ago. He was the first kid done. We weren't watching so we aren't sure of his time but somewhere around 28 minutes. He has been running 2 miles every day so that he stays in shape for soccer. He is going to soccer camp in Alabama at the end of June. I'm kind of sad he is going without me but I know he will love it! He also just got his webelos badge from cub scouts.

Kinley is so bored now that school is out, the sociable kid. She comes to the Y with me some days and gets to see some of her friends there. She spends most of her time at gymnastics practice though. She has 4 hour practices and she has been so sore! We switched gyms last month. Our old one wasn't going to work out and the new one seems a lot tougher. She really wants to move up to level 5 before she competes in the fall. She is always on her head or watching youtube videos about gymnastics. Kinley got really good grades this year in school and had many "boyfriends" even though I tell her that they are just her friend.

Den is still in Chicago and still driving back and forth to see us. He is playing soccer up there in Chicago when he isn't working.

I have just been doing the usual mom stuff. Trying to make the house beautiful. I run as much as I can. Started running with this running group. It's ok but I would still like to find someone that wants to train as hard as I do. Ran a race a couple months ago, 5K, and got 2nd. I can't remember my time but something like 20:30, my fastest ever. I ran another 5K and got my first 1st place finish! My time wasn't that great though so I want a do over. I really want to get into the 19 minute range. At that race I hurt my Achilles tendon somehow and it has been killing me ever since. Going to the doctor for it again, 4th time, next week. I just signed up to do a half marathon this fall so I will start training for that soon. I think that is all that is going on around here. No major plans this summer. I am sure lots of swimming and maybe a visit to our favorite place, Holiday World. Hopefully we have a relaxing summer because this fall is going to be crazy with both kids traveling for sports.

The Boys Room

I figured it was finally time to get Syler in a big boy bed and do the boys room. So I started with building their beds. I got these bed plans from Ana-White but they are very expensive pottery barn beds. They were super easy to make, easier then the bed I made for my room. We have to buy mattresses so they still aren't sleeping on them yet. I am also painting the boys room grey. It is called Ellie Grey from Sherwin Williams. At first I didn't like it but now that it is almost finished I love it. I can't wait to have everything finished. I still have other plans for their room like a built in desk and I have an old dresser I want to refinish, new lighting, and some soccer accessories. After all of that is done I will be turning Taylor's old room into the playroom and I have some things I need to build for that.


Zeus 4 months

Look how much Zeus has grown in 4 months! We bought him a 55 gallon tank and he loves it! We love playing with him. Taylor will take him out for hours and play with him. Zeus just likes to ride on Taylor's shirt.



We actually had a Saturday where we weren't at some sporting event so we went to Nashville to Aquatic Critter to get Zeus some things. I'll take pictures of him and put that in another post. We also went here
Las Paletas

This is an awesome popsicle place in Nashville. It was on throw down with Bobby Flay awhile back. I have been wanting to go there so since we were kind of out that way we stopped to get some popsicles. I even brought the camera for this and then forgot it in the car!!! We got our popsicles and walked to the park across the street. After that we walked back and I got the kids another one and got the camera for their second set of popsicles. I had hot chocolate with chile. It was good, pretty spicy! Syler had cookie which was really good but he didn't like it as much, he's a fruity kid, so I ate it! Taylor had mixed berry, really good. Kinley had strawberry blueberry, we all liked it the best! They rotate flavors and I really wanted to try blueberry chocolate chip but they didn't have it. I also wanted to try rose petal. Then the kids got tangerine, strawberry, and strawberry blueberry, those ones are in the pictures. They also had a hamburger place next door that we were going to try but they cook in peanut oil so that was out. :( Yes the kids look like a mess, I'll brush their hair next time!

Kinley lost her first tooth at gymnastics the other day! Her coach pulled it out for her! She was so excited, she has been waiting since she was like 4! Then she lost the money the tooth fairy brought! I should have expected that! LOL! Yes there are crutches in the picture, she plays with them all day, super annoying to trip over!


Painted Cupboards

I finally got the kitchen cupboards painted and put back together! It took me a really long time and there are still so many things that I want to do in the kitchen, like new hardwood floors, stainless appliances, knobs and pulls on the doors, backsplash, crown molding, and an island. But we have to do a little at a time. I think next we needs to decide on knobs and and get stainless appliances because it is definitely to white in there right now. I don't love it yet but I know I will when it is all done and I like it much better than it used to be.

I have been bad about updating the blog but that is because I always forget the camera. Not much has been going on, well it has I just can't remember it all! Syler and Taylor both had UTI's at the same time! I don't even know how that happened. Syler cried for days, his was really bad and he would hold his pee all day which made it worse. Taylor peed blood but he is much tougher then Syler.

Taylor just finished indoor soccer, they were out in the first round of finals which was dumb because they should have won, but it worked out because he started outdoor soccer and I don't really want to be doing both at the same time while he finished up the finals. They won their first game by a lot and lost their second game, but I won't count that one as the kids fault! Taylor got one goal and he is playing much more aggressive. Same old thing besides that, good grades in school and doing the usual Taylor stuff.

Kinley finally got her round off back handspring! She couldn't connect the two but finally did it the other night. Her coach said she was doing really good. I don't watch her practice but I did see her the other night. She looked so much better on the bars, it's funny because when I do go in to watch her for a minute I usually can't find her and I will be like oh that girl is good on the bars and will realize that it is Kinley! She says she never learns anything new but she is leaps ahead of where she used to be. I am imagining now how busy we will be in the fall with competitions and Taylor's soccer games, shoot me now! Her class voted on a class president and she won! She was very happy about that because she got to make up some rules, like everyone has to wear braids in their hair and gymnastics equipment had to be in the gym!

Syler, well he has been an awful two year old lately, but he is 2 and he had a UTI so I couldn't expect anything different! I'm hoping this week I can have a more normal boy back and then we can start seriously potty training, but I might change my mind about that! He is also the dinosaur king, he can say any dinosaurs name and corrects you if you say it wrong, it's so cute! He loves dinosaur train!

Zeus has outgrown his small cage and I just bought him a 55 gallon tank on craigslist. I need to clean it, hopefully tomorrow when it isn't so cold outside. I feel really bad for him in his tiny cage, I know he wants out! I also think HE is a SHE, but we still love her/him!

Den has been working a lot and hasn't been coming home as much. We knew soccer season was coming though and he would need to be home more so he should be back to driving back and forth a lot again.

I have been running like crazy, literally! I started running with this group of runners and I have added a lot more miles. I ran 8 the other day, the others quit at 6, but the plan was 8 so I just went. I finish way before them but hopefully soon I can find a runner that will stay up with me. It's still fun just running outside knowing that other people are out there with you. I have also been trying to find a new running shoe without much luck, I have picky feet! I have already taken two pairs back but hopefully this new ones will work. I ran 3 miles in them today but not sure that I love them. Nothing else new going on. Hopefully my next project will be turning the playroom into the boys room, building them beds, Syler really needs to get out of his tiny one soon! I'm glad that we have been staying busy while Den is gone, hopefully only a year and a half left of Chicago. I'm glad that the kids are really good and that we have really good friends here, they help me out when I need it the most!


AFTER: *bad lighting in the kitchen, I also want pot lights!


Finished Bed

We finally finished building and painting our bed. It took us a long time to finish it because I don't have time for it! Now we just need to do the rest of the room! Before we can do the rest of the room though I have to finish the kitchen cabinets that i started almost a year ago! LOL! They are almost done and then I have to repaint the kitchen walls. I also have some other things I want to do in there that I think I will start before I move on to the rest of my room. The kitchen is seen by everyone so it has to be done how I want it first.

I tried to potty train Syler but I gave up after 6 minutes! He peed after the first minute and then pooped 5 minutes later! He kept saying it was yucky and he wasn't going to do it! I was like where did you learn this stuff??!! Ever since then he doesn't even want to sit in the potty. I had been letting him sit on it every time I changed his diaper but he wont do it now. I think I am going to do it a different way now but I haven't decided which way that should be yet! I HATE potty training! I also don't think he is really ready yet so I am fine with going slow. He chose these boring underwear, out of all of his options like Mater and Shrek, he chose the ones with a tiny ball on the wasteband! He loves balls!